Free Bottle of Diet Standards Prenatal DHA

Not Pregnant? No Problem!
– I don’t have a uterus! (you can probably guess that from the video)
– I still take “Diet Standards Vegan Prenatal DHA” every day (instead of a fish oil).
– Bottom Line: You do NOT need to be pregnant to take this product. Just take it like you would an Omega-3 fish oil supplement.

About our Prenatal DHA Supplement
Here’s a link to the Prenatal DHA Amazon Page if you’re curious about Diet Standards Prenatal DHA.

– The bottle is actually free.
– There is no backend marketing funnel or “free trial” here. We hate that nonsense.
– This is not an “incentivized review”. You have no obligation to review the product.
– Yes, we lose money sending out these free bottles. A percentage of the people we send bottles out to end up leaving a review on Amazon , so we can justify the lost money because of this.
– We will never spam you or give out your email to other companies.

Get on the Waitlist
– We’re not giving out free bottles right now, but we plan to in the future. If you’re interested in getting a free bottle, sign up now to be put on the waitlist:

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