3rd Party Lab Tests

Here’s our review of the Best DHA Supplement for Pregnancy

Lab Tested. Every Batch. Every Time.

We subject every batch of our products to 3rd party lab testing before they are released to the public. This is done in addition to the testing our suppliers and contract manufacturers undertake.

Does this really matter? Well, in the past we have found batches of product that were not up to specification and stopped them before they went to market! Lab testing really does make a difference!

We wish more dietary supplement companies would do this voluntary self-testing. If any dietary supplement manufacturers are reading this, 3rd party lab testing adds only 1% to production costs and 4-10 days to lead time. If softgels/capsules are sent for lab testing concurrently with bottling/labeling operations it can add zero days to lead time.

There is no excuse not to be accountable. Here are our lab results:

Product: Diet Standards Prenatal DHA

Lot Number: E19090

Product Images:

Status: Currently Selling on Amazon

3rd Party Test Results:

Algae Oil Supplier Specifications:

  • Allergen Statement
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Composition
  • Statement of Non-GMO
  • Product Specifications (NOTE: “Product Specifciations” show maximum values permissible, they are NOT actual values. For example, this document says the product must contain less than 0.1 mercury. But if you look at the actual 3rd party test results, you’ll see the product was actually 0.00 mercury. To see actual test results, please click the links above under “3rd Party Test Results” above.)

First Sale Date: AUG2019

Final Sale Date: Currently Selling

Expiration Date: JUN2021

Bottle Sizes: 180-Vegan Softgels

Allergen Notes: This product consists of Vegan Softgels made with Seaweed Extract and Algae Oil. The product is Vegetarian, Vegan, and free of all common allergens.

Selling Location: All Bottles from this lot sold at Amazon.com.

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Lab tests for all previous batches can be found here: