3rd Party Lab Tests

Lab Tested. Every Batch. Every Time.

We subject every batch of our products to 3rd party lab testing before they are released to the public. This is done in addition to the testing our suppliers and contract manufacturers undertake.

Does this really matter? Well, in the past we have found batches of product that were not up to specification and stopped them before they went to market! Lab testing really does make a difference!

We wish more dietary supplement companies would do this voluntary self-testing. If any dietary supplement manufacturers are reading this, 3rd party lab testing adds only 1% to production costs and 4-10 days to lead time. If softgels/capsules are sent for lab testing concurrently with bottling/labeling operations it can add zero days to lead time.

There is no excuse not to be accountable. Here are our lab results:

Product: Diet Standards Prenatal DHA
Lot Number: L16010
Status: Currently Selling on Amazon
Test Results: Purity/Potency, Solvents, Heavy Metals, Microbial
First Sale Date: February 2017
Final Sale Date: Currently Selling
Suggested Expiration Date: February 2019
Bottle Sizes: 90-Vegetarian Softgels (“30-Day Supply”) and 30-Vegetarian Softgels (“10-Day Supply”)
Product Specification Sheets: Algae Oil Allergen DocumentationAlgae Oil Specification Sheet, Algae Oil Nutrition InformationAlgae Oil Contents, Carrageenan Information (Supplier names and branded ingredient names are blanked out so competitors cannot counterfeit our formula)
Allergen Notes: This product consists of Vegetarian Softgels made with Carrageenan (a type of seaweed) and Algae Oil. The information sheets above show that the product is Vegetarian and Vegan. The product is free of Gluten, Milk, and many other common allergens. If you have an allergy, please read through the above allergen documents carefully before taking this product.
Selling Location: All Bottles from this lot sold at Amazon.com through our authorized reseller “Body Origin”
Notes: Previous lot numbers included Flaxseed Oil, had larger softgels, and included a 180-count bottle size. Many of our customers requested easier-to-swallow softgels, so this batch has softgels that are half the size of the original version. Flaxseed Oil has been dropped from the formulation for this batch and future batches. Flaxseed Oil is a terrific source of alpha-Linolenic acid (ALA), which is great for overall health but not necessary for a healthy pregnancy. There are enough high-volume manufacturers of Flaxseed Oil (softgels and liquid oil) that it’s cheaper for our customers to buy a separate flaxseed oil than have us add it to our existing formulation. We recommend 2 grams of Flaxseed Oil daily as part of a healthy supplementation regimen. Several food products are also high in ALA, including Canola Oil, Soybean Oil, and Whole or Ground Flaxseeds.

Product: AminoHD1000 BCAA
Lot Number: 10208
Lot Number Location: Lot number printed on bottom of bottle
Status: Currently Selling on Amazon
Test Results: Purity/Potency, Solvents, Heavy Metals, Microbial
First Sale Date: April 2016
Final Sale Date: Still Selling
Expiration Date:  03/31/2019
Bottle Size: 400 vegetarian capsules
Product Images: Bottom of Bottle, Bottle Height, Bottle Width/Weight
Selling Location: All Bottles from this lot sold at Amazon.com through our authorized reseller “Body Origin”
Notes: I was a bit confused about the Microbial Test result for the analyte labeled “Enrichment” and got this response from Karine Aylozyan, the QA/Technical Director at Micro Quality Labs: “Thanks for the email. I hope you had a nice weekend. The product is in spec. The enrichment is tested to determine low level contamination that might be in the batch. In this case, we are seeing a gram positive bacilli which is usually associated with natural ingredients. Your total plate count is <10cfu/gm so there isn’t any concern. However, as the enrichment testing is performed for OTC products and not is not required for the dietary world, we will remove and resend to you attention to avoid any confusion from other parties that might not understand the results.” Basically, the lab had run an extra test that was not needed for dietary supplements. It came back within specification. I did not follow up and post the revised report since the posted report above is more detailed than the revised version they would have sent me.

Have an older order with a lot number not listed here. Lab tests for older batches can be found here: